Improve Outcomes, Satisfaction, and Efficiencies with
Real-Time Video.


  • With video-enabled remote patient monitoring solutions, healthcare providers can extend their reach beyond the hospital walls and engage their patient population in their homes, giving them the ability to identify opportunities for early intervention, manage chronic conditions, and increase patient access.
  • A real-time video solution that delivers quick-start telehealth applications spanning all areas of care including in-home, acute, post-acute, emergent, scheduled, and on-demand virtual visits. Vidyo can be easily integrated with the provider’s EHR solution and workflows, browser and mobile-based patient portals, and existing scheduling tools.

2nd Annual Telehealth Adoption and Trends Report


A Vidyo Solution For Every Finance Use Case

Build a Solid Foundation For Your Virtual Banking Strategy

  • Video is emerging as a critical banking channel. With Enghouse Vidyo, customers enjoy a lifelike and feature-rich experience with your experts, regardless of location – in a branch, in the comfort of their home, or even on the go. You can not only increase customer engagement, enhance customer service and strengthen loyalty, but also cost-effectively balance staff utilization across your entire organization.

How to Implement Video Banking – The Ultimate Guide

Our guide covers the seven critical steps you need to follow to successfully implement and deploy video banking into your business. Learn how to build your case, secure your budget, measure performance and ROI, and so much more.


Vidyo for Telehealth

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Vidyo Product Overview

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