The Enghouse Advantage

Deliver increased flexibility, fast response and personalised service on all communication channels with Enghouse Cloud Contact Center.

Reduce time to become fully operational compared to premise-based systems. Moving to the cloud brings all of your business critical data together so you can make better and faster decisions. As your business needs change and grow, simply adjust without worrying about hardware planning or IT pushback. Add agents or features quickly to adapt to your organization’s requirements allowing you to react at a moment’s notice. Enghouse Cloud Contact Center supports key data security requirements, including SOC2, HIPAA and PCI. The browser-based TouchPoint agent UI allows agents and supervisors to get up to speed and work productively. Enghouse Cloud Contact Center allows you to focus on core business, eliminate capital expenditure and reduce IT costs.

Large scale and fast deployments

Rapid Deployments

Adding new communication channels seamlessly



At any scale



Start small and grow, adding new features easily and quickly


Easily Accessible

Agents can work from anywhere with a PC, Internet connection and a headset



Zero infrastructure costs and fixed operating expenditure



Comprehensive, intuitive tools to manage your business and daily operations

A Myriad of Ways to Communicate

Social Media Integration

Offer your customers social messaging as a contact channel


  • Omnichannel communications
  • Self-service options
  • Intelligent routing to the right place first time
  • Real-time analytics and comprehensive historical reporting
  • Outbound solutions suite
  • Audio and screen recording with Quality Control
  • CRM integration
  • AI automation and agent assistance
  • Workforce management
  • Suite of open APIs

Artificial Intelligence (AI)


AI Automation

Automation can play a key role in delivering consistent customer service. Enghouse Cloud Contact Center uses AI to complement your agents’ expertise and augment customer service delivery through intelligent routing and highly accurate, automated responses.

Machine Learning

AI Intelligent Routing

Allows you to improve first call resolution using all available data from the customer’s enquiry to determine the topic, and optimal destination within your organisation.



Building upon business-specific rules, SmartAgentReply automatically generates suggestions to deliver consistent responses to customers. It is trained on your data using machine learning.



Provides agile, accurate content from FAQs and policies relevant to the customer enquiry and removes the need for manual search and cross-reference activity. Also enables language translation which can improve agent productivity, and assesses customer sentiment empowering service excellence.

Simplify overall administration needs and enhance cost effectiveness with secure departmental business units on a single platform
Supports all communications media, including Microsoft platforms
Customized capabilities are easily integrated through the use of application programming interfaces (APIs)
Meet compliance and enable evaluation, improving agent efficiency and performance
Route customer queries to the right resource using AI Intelligent Routing
Delivers a seamless experience across all touchpoints: voice, email, chat, social media, SMS, fax, video and speech recognition
Provide a full view and insight into the customer’s journey using RT and historical reporting, KPIs and deep data access
A flexible web-based interface for your agents, wherever they are
Preview, progressive and predictive dialling modes with advanced outbound notifications capability

Experience the Benefits

  • Agents can focus on high-value interactions leveraging AI and intelligent bots. Enghouse Cloud Contact Center can provide suggestions and relevant information to assist both agents and customers and deliver a personalized experience.
  • Enghouse Cloud Contact Center agents use one screen with one view to manage and expedite customer interactions, providing the best possible user experience and quality of service with the lowest possible overhead
  • Easily integrate with CRM using standard connectors to simplify collaboration between agents, supervisors and back-office subject matter experts
  • Bring new contact centres online within days, enjoy resilience and a low cost of ownership with true multi-tenancy, and offer total business continuity for mission critical operations
  • Maintenance of the user experience, administration and configuration capability which are key factors for many organisations when moving off-premise are comprehensively delivered through Enghouse Cloud Contact Center

Integrations and Extensions


Framework enabling customizable views of contact center operational metrics on any device.

Agent Evaluation

Reliable and easy-to-use, the web-based interface enables managers to quickly access and evaluate interactions from all channels. 


Enables fast integration between the WFM vendor software and Enghouse Cloud COntact Center

Post-Call Survey

Enables organisations to run surveys immediately after agent wrap-up to determine if customers are satisfied with their interaction experience

Call Flow Reporter

Provides visibility of IVR statistics and the customer’s journey to enable the development of optimal scripting, routing and agent assistance efficiency.


Offers customers an advanced social messaging framework, ensuring and future-proofing richer engagement capability, e.g. WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, Viber and many others.


Enhances productivity and improves customer interaction quality by empowering agents with relevant information when they need it. Integration with Salesforce, Oracle Siebel CRM, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Contact History

Allows the contact center agent to view the customer history of all interactions during the call, empowering agents in real time to deliver the best experience.

Recording Exporter

Leverage your incumbent recording and analytics solution.

Archive Manager

A toolset to archive recordings into separate databases and provide users with the means to search and playback from within those databases using a web-based management interface.

Winner of the 2019 IBM Excellence Award – Hybrid Cloud Innovation

Create modern, intuitive customer care solutions and strategies with Award-Winning Enghouse Cloud Contact Center and meet the operational demands of your business at any scale, in any geography worldwide.